THE CHALLENGE | Grow business amidst increasing competition from overseas

ABL Circuits Ltd, a UK based printed circuit boards company, approached BCM Agency to devise a marketing strategy which would increase sales, raise brand awareness and maintain competitive advantage.



To create a strong, strategic marketing plan, BCM reviewed ABL’s sales trends and data sources.  Complemented by industry and customer research, detailed audience profiles were developed, ensuring increased organic sales from existing customers and acquisition of new clients.



The overall strategic aim to grow the business is supported by targets and KPIs, which are continually reviewed, allow BCM to measure business growth achieved from introducing new services to existing customers, re-engaging lapsed customers and acquiring new clients.



BCM Agency’s research revealed that existing clients and prospects have gaps in their awareness of what ABL Circuits offer.  To achieve the strategic aim of increased business growth, ABL Circuits needed to increase brand awareness by educating and engaging with their full customer base.

The business growth campaign entailed a three-pronged approach:

  1. Driving brand awareness with existing customers– a digital and web awareness campaign runs to raise awareness of ABL Circuit’s full range of services and USPs.
  2. Increasing customer retention and conversion–clients and lapsed clients are targeted through a telesales campaign to increase customer retention and convert all possible opportunities for repeat sales and offering ancillary products and services.
  3. Winning business with new customers– following a program of data research and profiling, a content marketing strategy which is delivered via the web and social media, generates prospects and leads to increasing sales conversion and a steady growth in new business.



  • Year on year business growth of 20%.
  • Customer satisfaction rating has increased to 92% and continues to rise.
  • Monthly targets for new prospects are being consistently achieved.
  • Monthly targets for managing relationships with existing clients are being achieved, ensuring no conversion or sales opportunities are overlooked.
  • Business growth, sales and competitive advantage have all grown.


Mark Leverett from ABL Circuits comments “BCM Agency have been a resourceful and proactive partner, working with us very effectively to achieve sales and marketing targets for the business. I would highly recommend them as a marketing agency.”