THE CHALLENGE | Raising membership support through targeted influencer marketing

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, CILEx, is the professional association which represents more than 20,000 Paralegals and Chartered Legal Executives.  For over 50 years, they have offered unparalleled access to a flexible career in law and are one of three core approved regulators of the legal profession.

With three distinct business arms operating under the CILEx brand, CILEx approached BCM Agency to boost membership by relevant communications to legal employers supporting legal employees in their professional career.


As experts at simplifying the complicated, BCM Agency adopted a three step approach:

  1. Strategic workshop – clarifying the unique role of CILEx professional body, mapped on a single page strategic summary with key objectives and measurable targets for the organisation.
  2. Brand workshop – clarifying the brand essence, USP’s, and positioning. This is mapped on a “Brand Temple” clearly and succinctly.
  3. Market research – quantitative and qualitative - to gain insights into segment needs and drivers for solid decision making.
  4. Customer Journey Mapping – extensive mapping was then undertaken to fully understand the membership journeys and review cross-over of touch points and interactions between different business arms to make improvements.


Extensive research gave insights into perceptions of CILEx in the legal sector, as well as the needs and drivers of the employer segment.

External brand positioning for each business arm is distinct and supported by individual campaigns, including:

  • Improved website structure to make relevant information accessible to the employer segment
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimisation to drive organic search traffic to the web
  • Visual aids and graphs to simplify the communication of different study journeys and specialisms

To ensure clear visibility for the client and to demonstrate ROI, BCM Agency developed a dashboard of measures; an interactive tool showing the results of the strategy and all marketing activities.


Implementation of the marketing strategy has resulted in:     

  • Increase in search engine rankings to top 5 for key phrases
  • A measured approach to customer acquisition and retention

Lynne Squires, Head of Business Development at CILEx says ‘We gained a great deal of insight from the customer research. We clearly identified the need for simple visual career path diagrams and these were developed for employers as well as our wider membership. With a focus on legal businesses, customer journey mapping clarified overlaps and hand-over points between business units to help us agree responsibilities and implement enhancements to the way we work with legal businesses for an optimised experience of CILEx’s services”.