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THE CHALLENGE | Drive business growth and increase brand equity

nora©, a global market leading rubber floor manufacturer, approached BCM Agency to devise a marketing strategy which would drive profitable sales and increase brand equity.



To create a strong marketing strategy which would deliver measurable ROI, BCM undertook a comprehensive review of market opportunities and developed an approach to each target audience.



BCM devised a sector-based strategy to acquire new clients and drive profitable sales.  This focused on thought leadership to support nora©’s market leading position and generate leads, with an integrated approach for effective conversion into sales and long-term relationships.  Targets and KPIs were set for acquiring new clients in key sectors.



BCM Agency have devised a targeted and measurable strategy, with a 2-pronged approach:

  1. Driving brand awareness through education– a series of educating and thought leadership activities are being implemented to raise brand awareness and secure confirmed leads. These include:
    • paNORAma events for Estates Directors and teams, providing a ‘look and learn’ experience to raise awareness of nora©’s full range of products and solutions in action.
    • A detailed white paper on ‘creating safer spaces’ which was distributed via email, web and social media.
    • Case studies showcasing some of nora©’s most notable projects.
  2. Increasing customer conversion– by working with nora©’s sales team, running LinkedIn training workshops and ensuring the message is communicated effectively at each touchpoint, opportunities are being converted to achieve sales targets for business growth.



Carmel Cygan, Communications Manager at nora© flooring systems UK Ltd, said “The strategic marketing support provided by BCM Agency has been very effective, delivering tangible results.  Our brand position has been strengthened, we have significantly improved our company profile, and there has been an uplift in opportunities and our conversion rate.”

  • The PaNORAma events were delivered successfully into major architects’ practices, leading to an increase in opportunities.
  • The whitepaper now forms the basis of nora©’s sales approach to improve conversion rates for major contracts.
  • The series of case studies produced were an excellent addition to nora©’s sales tools and have greatly improved the company profile and lead conversion.
  • A year after the marketing strategy was developed, nora©was acquired by Interface, the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tile. Sales and marketing results supported the business case for acquisition.
  • BCM Agency continues to work with the nora©division of Interface following the acquisition.