B2B branding for Quantum


THE CHALLENGE | Develop a Halo Brand with International Appeal

Global heating equipment manufacturers in the swimming pool and spa sector, Elecro Engineering, asked BCM Agency to develop a sales presentation to position the business and outline its products and services for the Chinese, Spanish and French markets.


In order to produce a tactical sales presentation, it was essential to understand the marketing strategy and direction of Elecro Engineering.

Working alongside the existing in-house marketing team, BCM Agency conducted a marketing and branding review workshop to enable a clear marketing strategy to be devised.


As a result of the workshop, a marketing and communications strategy and plan was developed and it was quickly identified that there was a need for marketing support with new product launches. Elecro's positioning within the European market was traditionally one of quality and British engineering excellence. BCM Agency by means of the branding workshop identified the opportunity to position Elecro as a British innovator and harvester of new technologies, using the new Quantum water treatment system as its halo product. The strategy was to lead with Quantum with the aim of becoming a key supplier for Europe's main distributor.


In line with the marketing strategy, BCM Agency worked closely with the in-house team to provide marketing support for the launch of various new products, including Quantum, activity for which included:

  • Logo development and design
  • Brochure content and design
  • Exhibition support – consisting of stand design, creation and publication of adverts, roller banners and poster and brochure creation

BCM Agency also created the sales presentations initially requested for the overseas markets. 


The events in China, Spain and France were a success resulting in new distributor agreements in each of the markets.

Elecro Engineering have successfully launched two new products, namely Quantum and Thermecro and successfully repositioned an existing product range, Spectrum. Both new products were sold in to the European market ahead of production and orders were placed before the product was even officially launched.

Elecro Marketing Manager Kerry Hill, says ‘We worked with BCM Agency initially looking for a sales presenter but it was obvious from the outset that the agency was well placed to help us strategically. The support they have given me has been invaluable in terms of planning strategy, creative ideas and simply getting the job done. BCM Agency have become an extension of the team and a much valued resource’.

Following the success of the sales presentations and strategic marketing support, BCM Agency continue to work with Elecro Engineering to provide strategic guidance, brand elevation and promotion. Most recently, BCM Agency have supported the in-house team with advert creation, product launch brochures, business cards, e-signatures and packaging design.


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