Security Marketing Brochure

B2B Security Marketing Brochure

THE CHALLENGE | Develop the Brand for Traditional Print and Digital Collateral

Leading security company, MJ Security asked BCM Agency to create and design a brochure that would convey their extensive experience, range of services and dedication to customer service.


BCM Agency reviewed and analysed MJ Security as an organisation in order to:

  • gain a thorough understanding of their complete portfolio and services offered
  • audience profile their clients
  • immerse themselves in the brand
  • realise the company’s culture and values, so that these could be accurately reflected in the brochure 


BCM Agency worked with MJ Security to define the strategy, which was to differentiate MJ Security amongst its domestic and commercial customers, separating these two client groups and further segmenting them to understand their wants and needs.


In order for MJ Security to effectively engage and communicate with all their customers, BCM Agency developed two brochures – one for commercial property clients and one for residential property clients.

The design created was bold, yet simple.  Two colours were selected in line with existing branding to clearly distinguish each sector, with complementing photography to enhance the colour combinations.

Service and product icons were also developed to provide a fresh look and for brand consistency and continuity between the brochures, and any future marketing collateral.

The content was clearly targeted for each specific audience; composed in a tone to not only inform about the core elements of their services, but also to convey their 30 years’ experience, expertise and trusted reputation within the security industry.


The brochures were distributed to new and existing clients and used at multiple trade exhibitions.  They have enhanced the MJ Security brand and have noticeably increased leads.

Following the success of the brochures, MJ Security has engaged BCM Agency to design and develop further marketing collateral and to continue supporting the company’s growth by providing strategic marketing support.

"BCM Agency have supported us with strategy and branding over recent years. The team is friendly and knowledgeable but above all get results. We are now working on targeted campaigns with BCM Agency and look forward to our continued working together" - Michelle Neal, Director.

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